Thursday, November 2, 2017

Worship God Like He's Worth It!

Worship God Like He’s Worth It!
By: Elisha Jane Wells

A few months ago in a Klub 356 meeting I posed the question to those present, "What keeps you from worshiping?" Their answers alone could prompt an entire blog, but I won't go there just now. I'll save that for another time. After they had given me their responses and we had talked about how and why those things effected our worship, I asked the group to consider what God was worth to them. 

It's easy enough to say He's worth anything, but do we really act like it?

I shared with them my own personal testimony of recent decisions and choices I've made. I talked about my decision to praise and worship more. I talked about putting that into action and the challenges and the effects.

We talked about all the things that Jesus went through (ridicule, judgement, pain, the cross, death). I described some of it pretty graphically because I wanted them to get the point that he did it all without ever sitting down and saying they weren’t worth it.

I told them they had a choice to make, either they could be influenced by their fear and the actions of others or they could be the influencers. That they had to decide what God was worth to them. I encouraged them, since they had all admitted to me and each other that they had the same fear, to sit up front together in church (if they didn’t already) and to participate together, to worship and praise together and that I was definitely one adult that would worship with them. That if they weren’t sure, or needed some encouragement they could look to me.

I may have been a bit blunt but I asked them to think about what was worth going to hell for? Because of what someone else might think? Just what was God worth to them? 

We could all benefit from thinking about that question, choosing to  come into each service with that answer in mind and to worship God like he was worth it!