Saturday, June 17, 2017

Duct Tape Challenge Report

Duct Tape Challenge Report

*Pastor’s  Pie Challenge*
There is a twist to the Duct Tape Challenge. Pastor Coffey has issued the additional challenge that if we can collect $1000 I can also put a pie in his face. BUT, if we do not collect $1,000 he gets to put the pie in my face! We are over half way to meeting the pie challenge goal, but we only have until the end of August to reach it!
$569.46 of $1,000 collected

*The Elisha Container*
Several of the kids expressed the desire to see me get that pie in the face. So, I offered a container for collecting duct tape money that doesn't count for the Pastor’s pie challenge but does still count toward feet of tape.
So far, Pastor has been saved from this much!

Total Feet of Tape Earned So Far: 715

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