Monday, March 20, 2017

LIFTing Our Prayers to a New Level!

LIFTing Our Prayers to a New Level!
By: Elisha Jane Wells

In Kidz Klub we are LIFTing our prayers to a whole new level!

I have to say I have the privilege to interact with some of the praying-est kidz you will ever meet. They never hesitate to share their needs. They're not ashamed to kneel at the altar or to shed tears. They are learning to pray out loud with sincerity, conviction, and boldness. 

Recently, I heard an apostolic minister (I can't recall who but it was on YouTube of course!) speaking about children's ministry. He shared four steps for lifting prayer to higher level when praying with children at the altar. After dwelling on it for a while, I took those four steps, adapted them for my kidz and made them my own. I then introduced them to the kidz as Prayer Tips.

They go like this:

1.) Close Your Eyes
This shuts out distractions.
It helps you focus on God and not the others around you.
 It keeps the devil from being able to use the things in your line of sight to get your attention off of God.

2.) Lift Your Head
It's okay to bow our heads when we pray. It shows humility and respect.
But we don't always have to.
**More often than not a child's head is lowered out of shame and guilt or the idea that that is the appropriate prayer pose.**
We should never be ashamed to come before God. 
His word says we can come "boldly before the throne of grace".
**This also makes it easier to pray with a child for the Holy Ghost because you can see their lips and hear their voices more clearly.**

3.) Lift Your Hands
Think of it like giving God a hug!
**The kidz love giving hugs! They understand the emotional significance of what the physical action of a hug means. So, I tell them to think of it this way because as much as they love giving hugs (and as much as I love getting their hugs), God loves getting their hugs more!**
When you lift your hands think of it like using them to lift your heart up to God to show Him how much you love Him!
            "Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens."     Lamentations 3:41
4.) Lift Your Voice
Pray out loud.
God made your voice, he loves to hear your voice!
Prayers don't have to be perfect. You don't have to say just the perfect words or the perfect phrases. You just need to mean what you are saying!
Talking to God is like having a conversation with your best friend. Just be yourself.
Praise is just giving God compliments & worship is when those compliments come from the bottom of your heart!
Plus, if you are seeking the Holy Ghost, you can only expect to speak in tongues if you are first making the effort to speak!

It is amazing the difference these four tips make in the way the kidz pray!
 Not just in Kidz Klub but I am noticing it spilling over into their prayer and their worship during regular services too. No more patty cake prayers for us! We are lifting our prayers (and our praise!) to a new level and developing relationships with God that will last an eternity!

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